Path of Exile Scion Spark Build Guide – The Strongest Build I Have Ever Played

Spark Scion Build Guide

This Path of Exile build guide is for my Spark Scion created at the start of Ascendancy. It’s fantastic self found with Spark + Orb of Storms Leveling and scales extremely well with things like Voltaxic Rift and Poison into the highest levels of content. I have tested it in Tier 15 Maps with great success and viewers have reported it kills Atziri with ease. The Labyrinth is a joke on this build of course. Unless they really change a lot of how spark works, projectile scaling or Voltaxic is heavily nerfed I see this staying strong for some time to come. For the full lowdown on the build be sure to check out the Spark Scion build video, otherwise there’s a rundown of the gear, skills and passives below.

ZiggyD’s Fallout 4 Recommended & Used Mods List

ZiggyD's Best Fallout 4 Mods List

G’day guys! This is a list of Fallout 4 Mods that I personally use or recommend. Modding is a huge part of what makes Bethesda games so good, you start with a great sandbox game and get to customize and build it up however you like. From texture mods to make everything look a little nicer, to complete gameplay overhauls for new playthroughs there’s 1000’s of good reasons to get addicted to modding. As I find and add awesome mods I’ll try and add them here so make sure to check back later! Want to suggest a mod? Contact me!

ZiggyD’s Loot Filter


ZiggyD’s loot filter is designed to be a broad purpose learning aid that stays close to the default colours in Path of Exile.

The filter is levelling friendly, hiding lower base items as you enter higher level zones and reducing screen clutter.

Heroes of the Storm: JAINA – A Detailed Guide to Abilities & Their Usage (For Beginners)

Jaina Abilities Guide

G’day ZiggyD here! Welcome to the first guide in my detailed series on the Heroes of the Storm hero Jaina Proudmoore. In this series I’ll break down skills, builds tactics and strategies for playing this incredibly fun hero. By having guides covering at first the basics and later advanced builds and concepts you’ll be able to learn how to get playing and enjoying Jaina in some fun pickup games and then later you’ll be able to take things more seriously on the ladder.

Jaina is a Ranged Assasin and is themed heavily as a Frost Mage. She focuses on dealing damage, slowing and freezing enemies.

Jaina can be played a few different ways depending on the talents you take and how you combine them together. Some talent builds will focus on keeping the entire enemy team debuffed and taking more damage from your teammates and other builds will focus on powerful spell combos to do very high burst damage. By virtue of being ranged and having a lot of ways of slowing opponents she can also carry in a sustained fight and prevent enemies from fleeing the battle or giving chase. 

Path of Exile Acronym Guide and Other Jargon

This is an ongoing list of the acronyms commonly used in Path of Exile

Path of Exile Builds for Patch 1.2 Forsaken Masters

With the 1.2 patch we are testing some new theory-crafted builds and slowly updating old builds.

What I’d Look for in a Streaming, YouTubing & Gaming Laptop PC

GT70 2PE Dominator Pro

Recently I was approached by MSI Gaming with the question of what I’d be looking for in the perfect laptop for what I do for a living – YouTubing, Gaming & Streaming. The idea was that they’d be willing to allow me to trial one of their new gaming laptops for a review. Basically I set my expectations, they let me put the machine through it’s paces, and then I share with you guys my thoughts on whether it held up.

The question came at a perfect time really as my previous 13-inch Macbook carked it (I may have burnt out the CPU rendering videos). I’ve been doing a fair bit more traveling lately visiting Blizzard head offices and going to gaming events and I want to do more of this in the future so getting a new laptop sorted will be pretty important! This offer came at a pretty good time and it seems like a good opportunity. I get to try before I buy – and I mean really try, I plan on flogging this thing with streams, rendering, recording and whatever graphics heavy games I can throw at it. I also know that some of you guys are aspiring streamers and YouTubers yourselves and might find a hardware review from someone working in gaming pretty helpful. So let’s do this thing!

The Righteous Fire Marauder Build – Level 1 to High Level Maps in Less than a Week

Righteous Fire Marauder Build

This build has been tested for 1.2 and the passive tree has been updated, some information in the article still needs updating. Righteous Fire in 1.2 is much weaker (at least with the new tree tested below).

G’day and welcome to the final guide to the Righteous Fire Marauder Build! This build was my first ever attempt at a “7 Day Build Project” where I aimed to plan a build, level, gear up & farm the highest level content in the game in under a week. Well I’m happy to say the project was a resounding success! I was able to take a level 1 Marauder on day 1 and turn him into a powerhouse by the end of Day 7 easily farming Level 78 Palace Dominus, double Shrine Piety and pretty much any other endgame map I was able to get my hands on! I even took on Atziri, though didn’t quite make it through on my first attempt (but I’m confident I can do it with a little more practice!).

Gamer Treats: Double Chocolate Cookies

Here is the recipe to Ziggy’s (surprisingly successful) double chocolate cookies.

Gamer Treats: Hedge-ma-hog Slice

This is another old family favourite that I improved with a cream and chocolate icing.

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