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How to Take Advantage of the 20% Quality Gem Recipe in Path of Exile

How to Use the 20 Quality Gem Recipe

The newly discovered 20% quality gem recipe is a real game changer for PoE. Knowing about it now means that we have a few different considerations if we want to be able to effectively and cheaply improve our character when they reach endgame. In case you haven’t seen the recipe yet it goes like this: […]

Race Stat Differences & Class Choices for Min-Maxing in FFXIV: ARR

ffxiv race stats

To get this out of the way nice and early on: the differences between the races in Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn are very, very small. In most cases it’s less than 0.5% difference at end game. If you aren’t the sort of player who is interested in min-maxing your characters then just don’t […]

The Path of Exile Farming Guides Collection

farming guides collection

Farming is a huge part of many Action RPGs and Path of Exile offers one of the most enjoyable farming experiences since Diablo 2. Whether you are farming for gear, unique items, currency or just for the fun of it PoE offers a challenging yet rewarding experience. I created the Path of Exile Farming Guides […]

The Path of Exile Beginner’s Guide Series

PoE Beginners series

Path of Exile is an amazing game, I feel it defines the modern Action RPG genre in the same way that Diablo 2 did back in the early 2000’s. However, it’s also an extremely complex beast aimed at a ‘hardcore’¬†player base.¬† While this ‘no-holds-barred’ approach to design is crucial to PoE’s longevity it also makes […]

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