Diablo 3 Reaper of Souls Preparation – Complete High Monster Power Demon Hunter Guide

High Monster Power Demon Hunter Guide

With Reaper of Souls hype building to boiling point a lot of people are finding themselves to jump back into some Diablo 3 farming. If you’ve taken some time away from the game then it can be hard to figure out what is currently the most effective farming spec (builds), routes and how to go about gearing for those. I was in the same position so I talked to some helpeful subscribers and did some research in order to put together a complete guide to Demon Hunter farming in preparation for RoS. Expect to see a spec optimized for high Monster Power, a route tailored to Paragon XP farming, gearing advice and some general farming tips and advice!

What We Are Farming For?

There are a few changes in store for RoS including the removal of the Auction Houses and the implementation of an account-wide Paragon system with added benefits for your characters. With that in mind here is the things I’m farming for currently in loose order of priority:

  • Paragon XP: If you plan on continuing with your current characters the more of this you have the better in RoS. You’ll get MF bonuses as usual but you’ll also get bonus main stats, crit chance, move speed and a ton of other stuff.
  • Demonic Essences: Will be used in the new crafting systems in some way, having a stockpile should be useful.
  • Legendaries: Good legendary drops will still sell for a ton of gold on the AH, which you can use to buy crafting mats and gems in prep for RoS.
  • Rings, Amulets & Gloves: These are the only rare item slots still worth picking up as good trifecta rolls can still fetch a ton of gold.

If you prefer to watch and see the rest in action then check out the video above! Otherwise keep on reading!

The High MP Farming Spec

This Demon Hunter build is designed to squeeze every last ounce of value out of your current gear set – it will let you efficiently do that highest Monster Power you could possibly do at your DPS and survivability levels.

Passive Abilities

  • Nightsalker – Discipline return, we get a lot of criticals with this spec so it’s super efficient.
  • Perfectionist – Assists with tanking and Discipline management.
  • Archery – For more crits if you have a 1H crossbow or for more damage if you use a Manticore.


  • Bola Shot, Thunderball – Hatred and Discipline generation. The stun also helps in emergencies. Thunderball also has one of the best proc coefficients for Nightsalker as well so it gives a ton of discipline.
  • Rapid Fire, Bombardment – Highest DPS skill in the game for the Demon Hunter right now. It also has a small AoE so it can be used on both trash and elites. This skill is also amazing for sustain when coupled with Shadow Power.
  • Shadow Power, Gloom – Use before starting to rapid fire and you will maintain the life leech for the entire time you rapid fire without interruption: this is called ‘snapshotting’. With the high DPS of rapid fire this gives insane sustain and I can easily stand in desecration, molten and arcane lasers without any problems as long as I continue to hit enemies, even at high MP levels. Will take some time to get the snapshotting technique down, you’ll know when you do it wrong because you’ll lose life very quickly.
  • Caltrops, Bait the Trap – Some people may want to substitute this for Vault for faster movement but if you are a bit low on the DPS side the 10% crit bonus can really help you out. Since crits helps us with the night stalker passive as well as with damage it’s a pretty big buff. The way I use shadow power and caltrops is I basically hit my 1 and 2 buttons at the same time and then start firing a split second later. Caltrops also snapshots just like Shadow Power.
  • Sentry, Guardian Turret – This skill gives a lot of extra tankiness and a little bit of added DPS. I basically pop this just after I start rapid firing.
  • Bat Companion – Helps with keeping Rapid Fire going.

Skill Use Overview

Basically you want to run up to a large pack and round them up a little. Then pop shadow power and caltrops at the same time, drop your sentry and start firing on the biggest cluster or most dangerous enemy. Make sure you are always firing on as many mobs as possible and your life leech from that initial shadow power will keep you alive through almost anything. If a mob knocks you back or otherwise interrupts your rapid fire then make sure to reuse shadow power and caltrops before you start again. If you run out of hatred in the middle of a fight run back a little and start firing with bola shot for a few seconds until you are full again.

The Farming Route

This route takes us through a few key zones in Act 1 with an emphasis on maximizing Paragon XP income. It works well for a lot of builds including this Demon Hunter high MP build.

  1. Take the waypoint to Festering Woods. Main goal in here is to build up 3-5 fast nephalem valor stacks. There are two garaunteed elites in each of the mini dungeons so make sure to clear those. You’ll also find 1-3 more outside. If you happen to see an event make sure to do it for an easy stack. Since our main goal in here is to get stacks skip most trash mobs and just kill the juicy packs.
  2. Once you’ve cleared the zone or have 5 stacks go back to town and take the waypoint to the Fields of Misery.
  3. Clear the majority of mobs from the Fields and enter any dungeons besides the Khazra Den. Most dungeons now seem to have excellent mob density but the khazra den as a quest dungeon doesnt really seem worth it. You can also kill the keywarden in this zone for the occasional key if you’d like.
  4. Once the majority of the fields of misery are clear portal back to town and take the waypoint this time to the Cemetery of the Forsaken.
  5. From the Cemetery head straight down and out the gate into the weeping hollow, one of the best XP zones in the game now.
  6.  Clear this zone and any dungeons that spawn in here. A few extra tips: ignore the grave areas to the north as they only ever contain a few extra scripted zombies and will just cut into your XP/H. Whenever you see the Wretching Cadavers try and leave them alive until they spew at least one pack of extra zombies to max out the XP you’ll get from them.

Selecting the Correct Monster Power

The first step is to determine your gearing level. Here are some basic benchmarks to go off. Keep in mind that your exact stat distribution means there can be a bit of variance.

  • <100k DPS & <40k Life = Monster Power 1-4.
  • 150k DPS & 50k Life = Monster Power 4-6.
  • 200k DPS & 60k Life = Monster Power 5-7.
  • 250k DPS & 60k+ Life = Monster Power 6-8.
  • 350k+ DPS & 60k+ Life = Monster Power 8-10.

It’s a very approximate guide but it’ll give you a place to start looking.

Next up start running Monster Powers around your gear level and record the total time of the run, the start XP and the end XP. Doing a couple of runs per MP will help verify your results.

Input that data into a copy of this spreadsheet – just click file & then ‘Make a Copy’.

Select the highest XP per Hour Monster Power to run and you are done!

How I’m Preparing for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

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