Over time and with the growth of my YouTube and Twitch channels I have come to realize that I am someone who has the ability and the platform to influence the opinions of others and even affect the way in which they spend their hard-earned cash. As such, I think it’s very important that I have a clearly defined code of ethics and standard about how I conduct myself in the gaming world – especially when it comes to paid promotions, disclosure and anything else that can be seen as a conflicts of interest.

I vow that:

  • I will never endorse a product I do not personally believe in.
  • I will always clearly disclose when compensation has exchanged hands in relation to coverage of a particular game or in relation to a specific piece of content.
  • I will always be as open, transparent and communicative as possible with my viewers and fans when it comes to how I influence their gaming.
  • I will always conduct reviews independently and without the influence of publishers or developers.
  • I will always disclose any relationships that may affect the authenticity of my reviews or coverage, and, where necessary, avoid creating content where such relationships will significantly affect my coverage.
  • I will always disclose when a company has assisted financially in attending gaming events (flights, accommodation etc).
  • I will never accept free games or product samples that come attached with any preconditions that would force me to create a review or that would cause conflict with my other ethical vows.
  • (New) I will test and establish confidence in hardware before taking on a brand sponsorship that implicitly endorses it. Link.
  • I will never sell your trust in me.

I am not a journalist. I am not a professional critic. I am a gamer, entertainer and a teacher.

Your trust and value in me and my work is the single most important asset I have. I do not have a boss that oversees my work and pays me for my time. I do not work at the behest of shareholders, publishers or editors. My living is earned by providing you with awesome content through advertising, donations, subscriptions and the occasional piece of sponsored content. Sponsored content will only ever be created when I think it provides you with value and when it aligns perfectly with my code of ethics. I value truth, transparency and my gaming community greatly, there is no compensation that could tempt me away from these values.

I will continue to do my best to help you all find games that are perfectly matched for you and to help you enjoy those games on a deeper level. I hope that you never feel you have to question the trust you have placed in me.

If you have any questions or if you ever feel like I have strayed from anything written here then please do no hesitate to contact me.

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