The Path of Exile Farming Guides Collection

farming guides collection

Farming is a huge part of many Action RPGs and Path of Exile offers one of the most enjoyable farming experiences since Diablo 2. Whether you are farming for gear, unique items, currency or just for the fun of it PoE offers a challenging yet rewarding experience.

I created the Path of Exile Farming Guides series not long after launch when I realized I was getting hundreds of questions about the best zones to farm, how to earn currency and just how to progress as the game gets harder. I started off by covering the basic zones that everyone should know how to farm in order to progress and branched out into a bunch of different topics including some theory crafting on currency and unique item crafting.

What to Pick Up When Farming in Path of Exile

Before you even start looking for tips and zones to farm it’s a pretty good idea to know what you are actually farming for…

This video has been one of my most popular PoE videos with over 71,000 views at the time of writing. This is because this game has a pretty complex itemization and currency system and it’s not always clear as to what’s worth picking up.

‘Where to Farm’ Series – The Best Zones & How to Run Them

A good farming zone in PoE usually features most of the following traits:

  • Fast to run from beginning to end points with few dead ends (more runs per hour = more loot and XP).
  • Enemies with small amounts of elemental damage (so you don’t have to stack resistances).
  • Enemies don’t have strong resistances themselves (so they can be killed quickly).
  • Slow enemies that are easy to group up (larger groups are susceptible to AoE skills).
  • A suitable zone/monster level (if you are overleveled you take XP and currency drop penalties).

With all of that in mind here are guides to some of the best zones in the game:

Unique Item Farming Guide & Tips

After plenty of questions on the topic I set out to learn as much as possible about the mechanics behind Unique item drops in PoE. I also talked to and studied a few players that were farming hundreds of uniques per day to learn how they did it. All of this information came together to create the following video:

Currency Orb Farming Guide & Tips

Very similarly to the above guide to Uniques I also created one for gathering currency! In my opinion it’s sometimes easier to just earn the currency to trade for the unique item you want instead of farming for it.

Progressing & Building Up Wealth

Although farming can be fun in it’s own right it’s more often a means by which to progress your character and to build up wealth. The following videos cover how clear content, gear up and get rich!

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3 Responses to “The Path of Exile Farming Guides Collection”

  1. Dianna says:

    Have been watching your stuff over at youtube. I have a question, I hope you can help. I am in Act 2 but headed back to Act 1 to do clear out some levels where I didn’t get all the minions. How do I get back to Twilight Strand? Wicked frustrated.

    • ZIGGYD says:

      You can’t go to the twilight strand in Normal difficulty, that’s probably what’s going on. You can only go back there via waypoints in Cruel and Merciless difficulty.

  2. Ted Sourwine says:

    on your YouTube guides on upgrading gears – you move over an orb or something and it shows you on how it will affect it. on mine it does not. how do i fix this for i can see what is going on?
    is there a complete nooby guide out for people like me on figuring out the game?
    please email me answers!

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