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ZiggyD’s loot filter is designed to be a broad purpose learning aid that stays close to the default colours in Path of Exile.

The filter is levelling friendly, hiding lower base items as you enter higher level zones and reducing screen clutter.

Some items are given extra attention by the filter so players can learn vendor recipes and chance orb bases while high value items and currency are highlighted to ensure you don’t miss those sweet drops!

Item Filters are a feature implemented and endorsed by GGG, released with the Path of Exile: The Awakening expansion.

Current Version: v2.6.1 LEGACY

ZiggyLoot Download

Orign and Aims of this Loot Filter

This video features version 1.0 of ZiggyD’s loot filter, while the filter will be updated and evolve this explains the core aims of this filter.


This video explains how to install a loot filter.

I also wrote a quick guide which you can expand to read. Many people have trouble either because the file was in the wrong folder or because their folder was not showing extensions.

Expand for more Installation information

How ZiggyD’s Loot Filter effects items


The Basics

ZiggyD’s loot filter stays close to default colours and doesn’t hide any items until level 12 zones. From level 12 zones onwards the filter will hide low normal base items and at level 22 it starts hiding low level magic base items too. Rare items are always shown since these may be useful even with low bases or can be traded to the vendor for currency.

Until level 60 zones all flasks are shown, at higher levels the filter gives higher tier flasks preference. 3 linked items are always shown until level 32 zones and 4 linked items are always shown until level 68 to help with finding linked gear while levelling.

Normal bases that can be chanced into good uniques gain a border at Item Level 60. You can chance these beforehand but if you chance a bad rare item it can be used in the Chaos or Regal recipe. Good jewellery bases are also always shown for their crafting value throughout the game.

Currency gets larger and gains a border at the higher tiers on top of this, very valuable items such as high tier currency and 6 link items have a different sound.

The following items have borders around them to indicate they are part of a vendor recipe wiki. The items chosen for the border are valuable in different points of the game, this is roughly indicated by the size of the text as you may notice in the above picture.

  • 20% Quality Items
  • Chromatic Items (an item with red, blue and green sockets that are linked)
  • Stone Hammer
  • 5% and over Flasks
  • 5% and over Gems
  • Rares with an item level between 60-74
  • Rares with an item level of 75 an over
Expand for recipe pictures

Warbands monsters drop league specific gear. This cannot be differentiated by the loot filter. Make sure you SHOW ALL loot after killing warbands monsters to see if their special items have dropped. These are magic items. Fire warbands drop Headgear, Cold drop Footwear and Lightning drop Gloves. I do not know yet what the Chaos warbands drop. Read more on the Warbands wiki.

To show hidden items you need to hold the “Show All” key (default Alt) which is different to the show/hide items toggle (default Z). Hidden item tags will appear small and translucent.

This is a screen capture of some items while holding the Show All key.

See Hidden Items

The More Technical Stuff

Here I’m going to explain the filter a bit more in depth. I’ll try to keep this reader friendly for those who can’t glance at the filter code and immediately understand how it works. This should help explain how the filter decides an item is hidden.

Expand for information on how ZiggyD's loot filter is coded

Comprehensive Loot Filter Features List

Rules further down in the list may override those above them.

Expand for a long list of what the filter does

Change Log

The above notes where created off of version 1.1 of ZiggyD’s Loot Filter. The following are notes of the changes made from version 1.0 until now.

Expand for the change log list

Please share any feedback or suggestions in the comments below so I can continue to improve this filter! It was crafted not just for me but also for the community.

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36 Responses to “ZiggyD’s Loot Filter”

  1. Jayme Splendid says:

    I…..did……not….know….about…..warbands filtering out special items………..

    oh face palm, oh face palm

  2. Christer says:

    Hello Ziggy!

    I have made the following addition to the loot filter for my personal use:

    1. Added Chaos orbs to mid-tier currency. These orbs have several uses: Buying vendor gems, master-crafting and chancing. They also costs a fusing to buy, so I rather not miss them.

    2. Highlight utility flasks, since we no longer get them from strongboxes, so they are harder to get:
    # ADDED: Utility Flasks

    Class “Utility Flasks”
    SetBackgroundColor 33 30 26
    SetFontSize 36

    3. Highlight drop-only gems and gems that costs 1 alch to buy:
    # Valuable Gems

    # ADDED Drop-only gems

    Class “Gem”
    BaseType “Portal” “Empower” “Enhance” “Enlighten” “Detonate Mines” “Added Chaos Damage”
    SetBorderColor 0 128 128
    SetFontSize 39
    PlayAlertSound 7 79

    # ADDED Alch value support gems

    Class “Gem”
    BaseType “Spell Echo” “Curse On Hit” “Chain” “Greater Multiple Projectiles” “Increased Area of Effect” “Elemental Proliferation” “Cast when Damage Taken” “Multistrike” “Cast On Critical Strike” “Cast when Stunned” “Cast on Melee Kill” “Cast on Death”
    SetFontSize 36

  3. Khavali says:

    Awesome loot filter Ziggy, and awesome write-up Amy! Continue doing what you do, it’s greatly appreciated.

  4. Nivius says:

    I really like your filter ziggy and i use it as a base for mine (i change a few values with some currency and 1% flasks and stuff)

    but there is one thing that is annoying with it. you are prioritizing showing gear that is “3 colour linked” before 6 socketed items. meaning, people can miss 6 soced if they skip chrome items…

    you might want to just move the 6 soc part above the crom…

  5. Amy says:

    I’ve added an already expanded spoiler with pictures of the vendor recipe items. Hopefully this helps clear up some confusion :)

  6. Shone says:

    Great loot filter! I just hope you keep updating and improving it!

  7. AlienShine says:

    Thanks a lot for this great tool. Made my PoE adventures more streamlined :)

  8. haGrOck says:

    H ZiggyD,

    just one short question:
    What about the post from this guy on this site to add valuable gems to the lootfilter? I wanted to copy and paste his lines but it didn’t work. Can you tell me how I can add stuff like this to your filter that it will work?

    And ofc many big thanks for you cool lootfilter, very great thing! :)


  9. D3Melpie says:

    I do not have an option to select a loot filter can anyone please help me. My UI ends with chat box height no option for loot filter

    • Amy says:

      Check that you can see extensions in the folder. There is a section in this post with pictures that should help look for the + button called “Expand for more Installation information” right under the installation video. If this doesn’t help we’ll move on to the next option :)

  10. Christer says:

    I also had to move the Chance items above the three and four links, because otherwise three and four-linked items (like Occultist’s Vestment) doesn’t show the chance border highlight.

  11. Hannah says:

    for some reason poe isnt reading the .filter file for me it keeps bringing it up as a notepad and i dont get the option in game to set my own filter.. i’m not quite sure what i am doing wrong.. its in my poe file the way the video said to do it and the extension it right.. so i’m at a bit of a loss

    • Amy says:

      Check that your folder has file extensions showing or just re-download the .filter file. It sounds like it’s actually saved as a .filter.txt file which can cause that problem.

  12. ixo says:

    Ziggy, why this?

    Added a minimum item level of 60 for chance orb highlight

    As far as I know chancing is not ilvl restricted. From POEWIKI:

    “The base item’s item level doesn’t limit the type of unique items that can be obtained, so it is possible to obtain what are otherwise map-only unique items.”

    • Amy says:

      Yes you can chance items at any level (the filter originally highlighted them at lower levels) but this way the items have a chance to also become a good rare and even if it is a bad rare it can be used in a chaos or regal recipe.

      • ixo says:

        Oh… thanks for clarification amy :) My personal preference is to get as many bases as possible, but your reasoning is solid!

  13. Shone says:

    When can we expect some updates and tweaks? They changed names of few maps. Great job so far.

  14. Jason says:

    I am new to POE and I installed the filter as per installation video. I get an error on line 2 right off the bat.
    failed to load filter: Line 2: unknown rule type PASTEBIN

    Can anyone help?

    • Amy says:

      Seems like it copied the wrong section of the pastebin file (copy paste error) I suggest using the direct download of the .filter file. It should avoid these problems :)

  15. Shone says:

    It would be nice if the item filter highlighted somehow rares which base is high level so we can know what to pick up if there are alot of rares on screen. For example color of the text would be different than other rares and the border would still show if the items is good for regal/chaos recipe (blue/yellow). Any thoughts? Can someone tell me how to implement this? ty

  16. flesh says:

    Your loot filter is brilliant but I miss one thing. 4 linked white gloves, boots and helmets. Please hint how to change it. Item level is not important in this case. Thank you very much

  17. Charlie says:

    Great filter, though i found out that it shows alot of random Saintly chainmails for some reason and after some research on the forum i found this:

    “If you were to specify the following block It would show anything with Sai in the Items basetype, Such as Sai, Saint’s Hauberk, Saintly Chainmail and Mosaic Kite Shield

    —-BaseType Sai

    You only wanted to see Sai so you need to narrow it down by adding a Class

    —-Class Dagger
    —-BaseType Sai

    This will now show Sai, but NOT Saint’s Hauberk, Saintly Chainmail and Mosaic Kite Shield as it did before”

    Think that might be it, cause it always shows “sai” as it is a maraketh weapon base type. So if you make another updated version maybe try to add dagger class to the specific sai drop show part of the script. Anyway, great work with the filter, poe just got alot less annoying (y)

  18. yossa says:

    hey can you somehow make drop sound on higher volume ?(my spectres is all i can hear mostly)

  19. freddie says:

    ive tried this about 40 times now it wont show up in game and ive taken all the steps. it just wont show up. I’m guessing its because of the path. maybe because its in d instead of c. I still don’t know.

  20. Guardian says:

    I followed the steps as well and it will not add any options to the UI for my either. Fresh install as of 3 weeks ago, and extensions are showing as .filter, not .filter.txt as mentioned above.

    Any help on this would be nice.

    • Guardian says:

      got it sorted, for me it was a path issue…

      “If your Filter is not a .filter file, or it is not located in the same folder as your production_Config.ini file, you won’t see this option.” ~Wiki

      That fixed this for me.

  21. DEEZ NUTZ says:

    your 2v filter…..
    it shows 2 linked sockets normal items and its annoyed me

  22. Rich says:

    This does not work for 2.2.1 (Talisman Legue).

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