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Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft is set to take over the world of digital CCGs (Collectible Card Games). It’s got everything a game needs to be a huge success including the amazingly popular WarCraft branding. Ever since I was given a beta key I have been hooked on this game so get ready for plenty of guides, commentaries and discussion videos!

In this article you’ll find the majority of my Hearthstone coverage sorted in an easy-to-browse way. My goal is to give you an easy point of referral for whenever you are looking for a specific guide or for if you just want to kick back and watch some games. Enjoy!

What is Hearthstone?

If you don’t really know what Hearthstone is all about then the video above might be a good starting place. Hearthstone: Heroes of WarCraft is a “digital collectible card game” or D-CCG. People often confuse the game with TCGs (or Trading Card Games) but Hearthstone features no trading of cards between players – it’s up to you to collect the cards you need and form them into decks.

The basics are as follows:

  • Players select a Hero and create a deck of 30 cards. These cards can come from two separate pools: a pool specific to each hero and a pool of neutral cards every hero has access to. Players usually try to create a deck around a certain strategy or playstyle.
  • Players compete in ranked or unranked matchmaking games with other players similar in skill level to them. The objective of each match is to bring your opponent’s hero’s health down from 30 to zero. You can do this by placing minion cards on the board and then attacking the enemy hero with them. You can also use spell cards to deal damage directly to the opposing hero.
  • Players attempt to counter each others moves by playing cards with special abilities or by playing ‘Taunt’ cards to draw enemy minions attacks away from their hero.
  • Winner’s of matches are usually the one who has constructed a better deck overall, who has used their cards in the best ways possible and who has generally formed and executed a superior strategy. Although sometimes a lucky card draw can win a game.
  • Winning games earns you gold (5 gold every 5 wins), which can be spent on buying more decks of cards or to enter into the competitive mode for a chance at a better prize.
  • Hearthstone is free to play and features microtransactions in the form of card packs and arena mode entrances. Based on beta testing it seems a good player can easily get by without spending any real money but most players can expect to spend a few dollars to create a fun deck for themselves.

Beginner’s Deck, Hero & Strategy Guides

If you are just starting out with Hearthstone and want some more info on how to construct a solid deck or how to use your cards effectively in game then this section should help you out. When I first started with Hearthstone I was a CCG/TCG noob but I’ve been improving rapidly. As I improve and learn the game in more detail I’ll continue to add guides to this section, so make sure to check back or subscribe to me on YouTube!

General Strategy Guides & Tips

Not many videos in this section currently but I have quite a few planned! Until then here are a few basic tips for improving your play:

  • Always view minions on the board as potential damage. Sure it might cost your Rogue 2 health to kill that Murloc now but if it stays on the board for five more turns that’s 10 damage total you will take!
  • Try to think about what cards your opponent *could* have. If you want to play a valuable minion first think about whether your opponent might have a spell or minion that could kill it before you can make good use of it. A lot of this comes from game knowledge over time so pay attention whenever you make a mistake!
  • Most balanced decks should have at least one each of the following cards:
    • A Silence card.
    • A complete minion removal card (a “that minion dies now no matter what” card).
    • A board clearing card (usually low damage that hits multiple minions).
    • A strong end game taunt and an early game taunt.
    • Remember that some decks will not need all of the above. Eg. If you have a deck focused on early game kills a late game taunt isn’t needed.
  • Think of taunts in terms of what they can be used to protect. If you have a powerful 3 mana card you need to keep alive then think of what taunt you can play around the same time that will protect it.

The hero powers are one of the major points that differs Hearthstone from other card games. You can build decks around making the most out of hero powers and they can be incredibly powerful when used correctly. Learning how each power can be used and in what sort of decks they work best is a fundamental part of improving your Hearthstone play – it will not only help you build your decks better but it will also help you better predict your opponent’s actions. In the above video I go over each of the hero powers and give an analysis of how useful they are overall and why.

Priest Hero Guides

The Priest is primarily a mid-to-late-game hero that focuses on controlling the pace of the match until you can play a few very powerful cards. Often the priest will buff the health and damage of one or two very strong cards to go for the kill in one or two turns in the late game. Seeing a 20 damage 20 life minion on the board isn’t that unusual with this hero!

Generally the Priest is weak against early game pressure and decks with a lot of complete removal cards (having your 20/20 minions Polymorphed into a sheep can be pretty rough!). However, a well constructed deck can mitigate these weaknesses somewhat.

The above video goes over the basics of the Priest hero and looks at some of the powerful cards he can use. It also includes a commentary of a match with the hero’s basic deck, showing off how to use his heal ability and buffing cards to control the match and obtain victory.

Other Hero Guides Coming to this Section Soon!

I’m currently working on a Rogue & Warlock deck and will make some basics guides for these classes soon.

Match Commentaries & Gameplay Videos

Had enough of guides and want to just kick back and watch some games? This section is for you! I try to make each of my commentaries as educational as possible while still being a bit more relaxed than an actual guide video. Expect me to not only talk about the moves I play and why but also the moves I don’t play and why!

Priest Commentaries

Warlock Commentaries

Other Commentaries

If you have a certain type of Hearthstone guide or video you’d like to see then please feel free to request it in the comments below!

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