Games have helped us grow strong, learn from mistakes and understand the mechanics of life long before they came to our computer monitors and TVs. Today games ignore gender roles, cross national borders and transcendĀ language boundaries to bring us together in play. Play that builds long-lasting friendships and fuels the growth of our minds.

I believe that gaming can be so much more than a way to waste time.

Gaming and the communities supported by it have influenced my life in a dramatic and positive way. When I was young video games let me learn about many things from ancient civilizations to social issues in a deep and interactive way. As I grew up they even helped me learn more about myself and who I wanted to be. Even more so than that, the lessons they taught me gave me the confidence to take control of my life.

And now, I dedicate my life to video games. I want to help as many people as I can to learn about and enjoy their games on a deeper and more fulfilling level so that they too can learn and grow the way I have.

To get the most out of your gaming, I feel, is to understand them more wholly. Knowledge is your sharpest sword and most cunning strategy. Knowledge will help you grow. Knowledge will help you conquer.

Gaming is not a substitute for a good and healthy life – but it sure can supplement one. Get the most out of your games and use them to better your life.

By Daniel “ZiggyD” Coutts-Smith

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