How to Power Level Using XP Chains in Final Fantasy 14 A Realm Reborn

FFXIV Power Leveling

In this short guide for Final Fantasy 14: A Real Reborn I’ll be going over how to use the XP chain bonus system to power level your characters. There was quite a bit of testing done on this in closed beta and a lot of people have expressed interest in forming parties explicitly to do this in the open beta and subsequent launch.

Through story quests, side quests and hunting logs there isn’t too much need to do this on your main character unless you want to be super time efficient. However, this should be pretty useful for people that want to level alternate classes quickly to unlock cross-class skills to use on their main.  If this sounds like you then read on!

Now, normally I’m not a huge fan of boosting or power leveling methods in MMOs as they can be pretty destructive and can negatively impact the experience of other players. However, in FFXIV this does not seem to be the case thanks to a friendly tagging system and thanks to the way FATEs scale with players. That said, I could be wrong and this might end up creating groups that monopolize certain FATEs and mob packs. Thankfully, even if this does happen there are a ton of other great ways to accrue XP in this game so the effect should be minimal either way.

What is an XP Chain?

In case you are unfamiliar with the basic mechanic we are taking advantage of with this method the XP Chaining system in FFXIV is a stacking XP bonus that you accrue as you kill mobs within rapid succession. After you kill two mobs in short order you will notice an XP chain indicator near your XP bar and a countdown timer until the bonus expires. The more mobs you kill in that time the more XP you get for each kill.

  • XP Chaining Tip: If you kill a mob within the last 10 seconds of the timer another 10 seconds will be added, allowing you to keep a chain going for a long time if you can kill quickly (or with a cohesive party).

So, pretty simple overall. The more enemies you kill and the faster you kill them the more XP you get!

FFXIV uses a pretty friendly tagging system where you cannot actually negatively impact another player through ‘kill stealing’ or reducing their XP. In fact, tagging other people’s mobs actually speeds up their kill speed so everyone benefits! As such, a great way to keep your chain going (or to build it up) is to damage mobs that other players are fighting. All you need to do is deal about 30% of their HP total in damage (this goes as low as 10% if many people are fighting the mob).

How to Power Level Using the XP Chaining System

Although the above system is nice for a boost to XP, it isn’t exactly power leveling. If we want to take this to the max here’s what we do:

Step 1: Chain Parties

Join as large a party as possible that is engaging in XP chain power leveling. There should be plenty around launch as this method is getting a lot of attention. If you cannot find one simply form one yourself and instruct other people on what to do!

  • For each member in the party the XP bonus cap increases (maxing out at something like 160%), so the larger the party the better.

Step 2: Building Your Chain & Farming Normal Mobs

Have your party work together to down mobs as quickly as possible to start building up your chain. Get people to aggro mobs that are near each other and pull them together to AoE down. Just make sure everyone tags each mob with enough damage to get the chain bonus.

Step 3: Chain Farming FATEs

Here’s where it gets really good: get your group to participate in FATEs. FATE mobs are different to normal mobs as you don’t even need to tag them with any damage to get credit for kills by your party. Your chain bonus (and XP) will go through the roof if you fight in FATEs with a full 8-man party.

  • After 8 kills your chain bonus caps out and you start getting 160% bonus XP per kill. This should happen within a minute of a FATE beginning with a large party. For the rest of the FATE you will be getting a ton of experience. Some people even report gaining multiple levels in a single FATE.

While waiting for a new FATE continue farming normal mobs using the standard tagging method.

As you can see this method has a ton of momentum and it should make leveling your additional classes pretty quick! If you have any questions on this method or any efficiency/leveling tips of your own to share leave them in the comments!

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  1. Jestes says:

    Do you happen to know of a site that hosts such XP Chain parties or FATE groups, similar to how ‘openraid’ does for x-realm WoW content?

    I’m aware i could simply ask around in ‘shout chat’ on ff, but that’s not ideal if there is such a site out there to organize these events on a larger scale, perhaps with planned times and rosters even!

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