Race Stat Differences & Class Choices for Min-Maxing in FFXIV: ARR

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To get this out of the way nice and early on: the differences between the races in Final Fantasy 14: A Realm Reborn are very, very small. In most cases it’s less than 0.5% difference at end game.

If you aren’t the sort of player who is interested in min-maxing your characters then just don’t worry about the stat differences and pick the race that appeals most to you aesthetically, or that you feel you can roleplay best as.

With that in mind, let’s min-max this to find which race and sub-race is best for which classes!

The Races / Sub-Races & Their Stats

A bit of a theme you will notice with the subraces is that there is always one that leans more towards fighter classes and one that leans more towards magical casters. The good news here is that with the character customization system the visual differences between the subraces can easily be overcome. So, if you want to play a character with the stats of a Hyur Midlander that looks like a Hyur Highlander you can easily do so!

  • Hyur (Midlander) – 21 STR, 19 DEX, 20 VIT, 21 INT, 18 MND & 21 PIE.
  • Hyur (Highlander) – 23 STR, 20 DEX, 22 VIT, 18 INT, 20 MND & 17 PIE.
  • Elezen (Wildwood) – 19 STR, 23 DEX, 18 VIT, 22 INT, 17 MND, 21 PIE.
  • Elezen (Duskwight) – 20 STR, 20 DEX, 19 VIT, 23 INT, 23 MND, 18 PIE.
  • Lalafell (Plainsfolk) – 18 STR, 22 DEX, 18 VIT, 21 INT, 20 MND, 18 PIE.
  • Lalafell (Dunesfolk) – 17 STR, 20 DEX, 17 VIT, 21 INT, 22 MND, 23 PIE.
  • Miqo’te (Seekers) – 21 STR, 22 DEX, 20 VIT, 18 INT, 19 MND, 20 PIE.
  • Miqo’te (Keepers) – 18 STR, 21 DEX, 17 VIT, 19 INT, 23 MND, 22 PIE.
  • Roegadyn (Sea Wolves) – 22 STR, 18 DEX, 23 VIT, 17 INT, 21 MND, 19 PIE.
  • Roegadyn (Hellsguard) – 20 STR, 17 DEX, 21 VIT, 20 INT, 22 MND, 20 PIE.

Which Stats Are Important For Which Classes?

From all of my research and testing so far it seems like FFXIV isn’t putting too much emphasis on your stat set up and that secondary stats are only going to have a small effect on your character. At this point it looks like simply optimizing 100% for your main stat may be the way to go. This could, of course, change after release as more information is discovered but it seems unlikely. As such, let’s take a look at each of the classes and what should be considered their main stat.

  • Marauder / Gladiator – Vitality. These are both tanking classes and their primary role is to take as much damage as possible and vitality is going to help with that. Sure these classes could focus on STR for some more damage but that is not their role, the DPS classes should have that more than covered. What’s the point of a party with 2.5 DPS characters and 0.5 tanks? Everyone will probably die in a set up like that.
  • Pugilist / Lancer – Strength. These are your melee DPS classes and their primary purpose is to deal as much damage as possible – strength gives you that. Sure it’s nice to be able to take the occasional hit but you should be able to avoid most damage if you are keeping an eye on how much threat you are producing and if your party is working well together so VIT shouldn’t be necessary to focus on.
  • Archer – Dexterity. This is your ranged DPS/support class and DEX gives you damage with bows, pure and simple. Archers should be both out of range of most damage and be spreading their threat around so as to not attract attention. As such, no VIT should be necessary.
  • Conjurer – Mind. Conjurer derives both their healing power and damage when in Cleric stance from their Mind stat. This one is the most clear cut out of any of the classes.
  • Thaumaturge – Intelligence. Some Thuams fill the healing role occasionally but their primary role seems to be support and added DPS. INT gives you spell damage so it’s probably going to be the most useful.
  • Arcanist – ???. I simply don’t know enough about this class yet but it looks like they will probably be able to go either INT or MND. 

Which Race is Best for Which Class?

  • Marauder / Gladiator – Roegadyn Sea Wolves with a VIT stat of 23. Hyur Highlanders come in at #2 with 22 VIT.
  • Pugilist / Lancer – Hyur Highlander with a STR stat of 23. Since this race also has the second highest VIT stat they seem like a pretty well-rounded choice. Roegadyn Sea Wolves are runner up here with 22 STR.
  • Archer – Elezen Wildwoods with a DEX stat of 23. Runner-ups for Archer are Lalfell Plainsfolk and Miqo’te Seekers of the Sun with 22 DEX.
  • Conjurer – Miqo’te Keepers of the Moon with 23 MND. Runner-ups are Lalfell Dunesfolk and Roegadyn Hellsgaurd with 22 MND.
  • Thaumaturge – Elezen Duskwights weigh in as the number one choice here with 23 INT. Runner-up is the Elezen Wildwoods with 22 INT.
  • Arcanist – Possible choices are the Elezen Duskwights if you want an INT focus or the Miqo’te Keepers of the Moon for a MND focus.

As mentioned earlier it seems like a single stat focus will win out. However, some of you might like to go for a more balanced approach like optimizing for max STR/VIT or max MND/PIE. If you’d like to find out the best races for these dual stat approaches then you can check out my race stats table in my FFXIV Mastery Spreadsheet.

Having Trouble Deciding on a Class to Play? Check Out the Video Below!

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11 Responses to “Race Stat Differences & Class Choices for Min-Maxing in FFXIV: ARR”

  1. BunnyStark says:

    Gonna go for the Pugilist, looks badass and I always tend to use melee, will try Archer too, anyways, the site is very well done man, simple but very easy in the eyes, rly liked it, as always keep up the awesome work!!!

    All my love from Japan!!!

    • ZIGGYD says:

      Thanks for the comment, also grats on first comment for the site! Also glad that people are enjoying the color scheme!

      Pugilist does seem like a lot of fun because of how active it will be with changing stances all the time. I’ll probably be maining Archer myself but I haven’t completely decided yet.

  2. Mikehunt says:

    Not sure where you get ‘ Thaums aren’t that impressive in terms of DPS anyway’. It is a clear ranged DPS class. At higher levels with spell speed makes them very powerful.

    • ZIGGYD says:

      That’s entirely possible, I’m only speaking in regards to what I’ve seen in the beta so far. I’ll amend the post as I’ve gotten some more info anyway 😉 Thanks

  3. Magilync says:

    My friend and I just got into the beta, having a blast right now! Only level 4 or so though, haha. I decided to go with the Ranger, for the simple fact I can become a bard later, definitely exciting stuff! I agree with the website comments, very nice color scheme and easy to maneuver, good job keep it up!

    • ZIGGYD says:

      Thanks Magilync! Glad to hear the color scheme is a winner. I’ll probably also be playing Ranger so maybe I’ll have some relevant content out for you! ^_^

  4. David Arnold says:

    Been following you for awhile ziggy and i’m glad to see you still going at it! I would suggest changing the line-height on your .title class to 32px or so to make the main pages with all the titles a bit more readable! Keep it up :)

  5. Solie says:

    Having done all stages of beta (but only getting to low 40’s on most jobs) I’ve really found that beginning stats become quite irrelevant as the game progresses. Choose the correct version of the race you prefer for the job you expect to like most then keep in mind you can always use GCS’s to reassign bonus points even if you do change your mind. There’s also materia (NEVER EVER THROW AWAY SPIRITBOUND GEAR) and consumables that make beginning stats about 0.2% relevant (by expert calculations, not mine). What are your thoughts ZIG?

  6. Solie says:

    Oh, to answer your question on ACN it’s INT all the way for attack magic potency which is vital whether you’re using Smn 1 (Emerald Carby) or Smn II for Topaz Carby, the tank that currently has so many former WoWers in such a lather because he tends to steal hate and when handled correctly doesn’t need a “personal healer”. The carry over from WoW has been that tanks are the CENTER of the Universe (I mean party) and they have the ‘tude to go with it. What? Step out of the way of AoE? Why I NEVAH. Which is true…that isn’t done in WoW, but it’s perfectly fine in FFXIV ARR. People need to remember this is FINAL FANTASY we’re playing and not cave to the literally MILLIONS of WoWzers cross-contaminating our game and play style. Not hating on WoW players, just keep it where it belongs. ^^

  7. TigerPrincess says:

    Very nice site! I am just starting the game up again after a serious hiatus (I got my gladiator to level 19 or so then just gave up) it is my first MMO EVER (I’m so glad that it’s on the PS4!) I also now have The Elder Scrolls Online for PS4 as well. I guess my main gripe is how hard it is to navigate around the game world. I have poor eyesight and pretty much no sense of direction, so I find the maps in the game to be absolutely horrendous :( I think doing quests and things would be MUCH easier if I could just get around better…I hate having to rely on friends/family/boyfriend literally sitting on the couch next to me pointing out where to go all the time or even just taking the controller from me and getting me where I need to go themselves. Sorry for the long comment! I love your Youtube channel! :)

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