The Path of Exile Farming Guides Collection

farming guides collection

Farming is a huge part of many Action RPGs and Path of Exile offers one of the most enjoyable farming experiences since Diablo 2. Whether you are farming for gear, unique items, currency or just for the fun of it PoE offers a challenging yet rewarding experience.

I created the Path of Exile Farming Guides series not long after launch when I realized I was getting hundreds of questions about the best zones to farm, how to earn currency and just how to progress as the game gets harder. I started off by covering the basic zones that everyone should know how to farm in order to progress and branched out into a bunch of different topics including some theory crafting on currency and unique item crafting.

The Path of Exile Beginner’s Guide Series

PoE Beginners series

Path of Exile is an amazing game, I feel it defines the modern Action RPG genre in the same way that Diablo 2 did back in the early 2000’s. However, it’s also an extremely complex beast aimed at a ‘hardcore’ player base.  While this ‘no-holds-barred’ approach to design is crucial to PoE’s longevity it also makes it difficult for beginners to really get hooked into (it doesn’t really even have a tutorial to speak of).

Towards the end of closed beta I saw the potential of Path of Exile and I also saw how harsh it was to beginners – I was one myself at the time after all. As such, I’ve made it my mission to break down the game  as simply and fully as possible in a long running series of guides on YouTube. What you’ll find in this article is a list of the guides that will best help you when you are first exiled to Wraeclast.

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