Path of Exile Acronym Guide and Other Jargon

This is an ongoing list of the acronyms commonly used in Path of Exile, leave a message if I’ve left anything out! Use CTRL+F to find what you’re looking for faster!

A1N – Act One, Normal Difficulty

AA – Arctic Armour

AR – Armour

BM – Blood Magic

b/o – Buy Out

CI – Chaos Inoculation

c/o – Current Offer

CoC – Cast on Critical Strike

CoD – Cloak of Defiance

CoH – Curse on Hit

CWDT – Cast When Damage Taken

DD – Detonate Dead

EB – Eldritch Battery

EK – Ethereal Knives

ES – Energy Shield

EV – Evasion

FA – Faster Attacks

FC – Faster Casting

GCP – Gem Cutter’s Prism

GMP – Greater Multiple Projectiles

GR- Ghost Reaver

HoA – Herald of Ash

HoI – Herald of Ice

HoT – Herald of Thunder

IGN – In Game Name

IIQ – Increased Item Quantity

IR – Iron Reflexes

IIR – Increased Item Rarity

LA – Lightning Arrow

LGoH – Life Gain on Hit

LL – Low Life

LLD – Low Level Duelling (PvP, usually level 28 and lower)

LMP – Lesser Multiple Projectiles

MF – Magic Find (Item Rarity and Item Quantity)

MoM – Mind over Matter

MS – Movement Speed

PA – Poison Arrow

PCoC – Power Charge on Critical

RF – Righteous Fire

RoA – Rain of Arrows

SRS – Summon Raging Spirits

ST – Spectral Throw

SWT – Shockwave Totem

TS – Tornado Shot

VP – Vaal Pact

WoE – Wings of Entropy

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2 Responses to “Path of Exile Acronym Guide and Other Jargon”

  1. James D says:

    Did you see this Ziggy? Talk about a RF buff :)

  2. Jordan says:

    CoD more commonly refers to Cloak of Defiance than it does to Cast on Death.

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