Path of Exile: Which is the Best Zone to Farm XP Outside of Maps (Patch 1.0.0)

Path of Exile’s Patch 1.0.0 brought with it a number of changes including softened XP penalties and a bunch of new zones so I thought I’d do some testing to find out which zone is now best for out-of-map XP farming and leveling!


  • Run the most popular XP farming spots in 1.0.0
  • 3 runs of each zone recording the XP per hour (XP gained on run multiplied out over an hour)
  • Solo on a level 79 character
  • Employ efficient farming techniques
  • Only picking up rares/uniques and currency items
  • Only opening chests that are very close to where I ran

The Docks – Zone Level 62

Run 1
Time: 3:48
Start XP: 838,999,904
End XP: 839,354,548
xp/h: 7,092,880

Run 2
Time: 3:40
Start XP: 839,354,548
End XP: 839,657,816
xp/h: 6,065,360

Run 3
Time: 3:41
Start XP: 839,657,816
End XP: 839,993,231
xp/h: 6,708,300

Average XP/H:  6,622,180

Zone Notes:

  • Incredibly Safe
  • Low Level Loot
  • A fair bit of backtracking and you must Portal Scroll out of the zone to reset.

Lunaris 2 & 3 (Not Counting Piety Kill) – Zone Level 65/66

Run 1
Time: 6:07
Start XP: 839,993,231
End XP: 841,858,483
xp/h: 18,652,520

Run 2
Time: 11:42
Start XP: 841,914,262
End XP: 844,888,685
xp/h: 16,224,125

Run 3
Time: 5:36
Start XP: 844,944,468
End XP: 846,636,203
xp/h: 20,300,820

Average XP/H: 18,392,488

Zone Notes:

  • Lots of potential time wasted finding Lunaris 3 stairs
  • Overall fairly safe if well geared
  • Vunerability on Hit Mobs combined with being surrounded is the main risk
  • Can do Piety kill after run for lots of loot and map drops.

The Library – Zone Level 67

Run 1
Time: 5:03
Start XP: 833,111,950
End XP: 834,562,964
xp/h: 17,412,168

Run 2
Time: 3:32
Start XP: 834,694,389
End XP: 835,714,368
xp/h: 20,399,580

Run 3
Time: 4:44
Start XP: 835,714,368
End XP: 837,021,708
xp/h: 19,610,100

Average XP/H: 19,140,616

Zone Notes:

  • Giant Skeletons and Rhoas do a lot of physical damage, significant risk to low Armor characters.
  • Zone boss is very easy
  • Door to Door zone resets improve overall efficiency
  • Scroll Containers also have a high map drop rate

The Catacombs – Zone Level 67

Run 1
Time: 7:16
Start XP: 827,106,865
End XP: 829,573,404
xp/h: 21,141,763

Run 2
Time: 7:01
Start XP: 829,573,404
End XP: 831,662,406
xp/h: 17,905,731

Run 3
Time: 6:18
Start XP: 837,021,708
End XP: 838,999,904
xp/h: 19,781,960

Average XP/H: 19,609,818

Zone Notes:

  • Run is a big square ending up back at zone entrance, minimal backtracking.
  • Scroll containers have high map drop rate.
  • Very safe zone.
  • Occasional Large Chest spawn on the route for bonus loot.


Based on the data the Catacombs appears to be the fastest XP per hour zone outside of maps in patch 1.0.0. The Library is very close in terms of data and we have to also assume a margin of error with such limited testing. However, Catacombs is much safer than Library for the average player so even if Library is more efficient it’s much more risky.

Lunaris appears to be the best option if you want a balance of loot and XP as you can kill Piety after each run for a large amount of loot.

Lunaris, Catacombs and Library all seem to be pretty good for building up a base of level 66 maps though with Piety’s 50% map drop rate Lunaris probably wins out.

Docks is not really competitive in any field and should only be used as a stepping stone into the farming the other zones.

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