The Righteous Fire Marauder Build – Level 1 to High Level Maps in Less than a Week

Righteous Fire Marauder Build

This build has been tested for 1.2 and the passive tree has been updated, some information in the article still needs updating. Righteous Fire in 1.2 is much weaker (at least with the new tree tested below).

G’day and welcome to the final guide to the Righteous Fire Marauder Build! This build was my first ever attempt at a “7 Day Build Project” where I aimed to plan a build, level, gear up & farm the highest level content in the game in under a week. Well I’m happy to say the project was a resounding success! I was able to take a level 1 Marauder on day 1 and turn him into a powerhouse by the end of Day 7 easily farming Level 78 Palace Dominus, double Shrine Piety and pretty much any other endgame map I was able to get my hands on! I even took on Atziri, though didn’t quite make it through on my first attempt (but I’m confident I can do it with a little more practice!).

I was actually blown away by just how powerful this build turned out to be despite how cheap it was to gear. I felt like a character wearing 50+ Exalts worth of gear but in reality I have spent less than 4 Exalts at level 85. And this bought me over 30,000 DPS and 6,300 HP.

Before starting this project I had always avoided playing a Righteous Fire character because I believed they were extremely expensive and complex gear. Turns out you can switch to Righteous Fire at level 65 with only one item – the Rise of the Phoenix unique shield. In Ambush I only paid 1.5 Exalts for this item, which I showed on Day 3 of the project is very easy to farm up over using this very character – no bankrolling from a previous magic find character needed!

The whole point of this project was to show in extreme detail how you can get your own Righteous Fire Marauder up and running, so let’s get stuck into it!

Final Build Guide & Overview

The following video is the final build guide. If you want to know how the build works at endgame or even if you just want to decide whether it’s the right build for you then I recommend starting here!

Passive Skill Tree

The switch to Righteous Fire is now delayed until around level 70 due to life changes in 1.2. We haven’t done a break down of the passive tree routes yet.

Bandit Choices

  • Normal: Help Oak for Life.
  • Cruel: Kill all for Passive Point

Merciless has a few correct options. Killing all for passive points is the default decision and what I went with. If you want to farm Atziri a lot it may be worth helping Oak for the Endurance Charge for immortal call use. If you are using the Blood Dance unique for extra regen then you may wish to help Kraityn for the Frenzy Charge. The choice is yours!

Skill Gem Setup

The following is the suggested setup of gems. (Q) indicates quality is recommended. This setup is based on the use of the snapshotting technique, you can find a guide to snapshotting here. If you want to play without snapshotting you’ll have to wear the Righteous Fire Chest setup and ditch the weapon switch.

  • Chest Armor (Snapshotted): Righteous Fire + Increased Burning Damage + Concentrated Effect + Increase Area of Effect (Q) + Item Rarity
  • Chest Armor (Worn): Searing Bond + Immortal Call (Q) + Blood Magic + Increased Duration (Q) + Increased Burning Damage
  • Helm: Reduced Mana + Purity of Fire + Grace + Vitality
  • Gloves: Blood Magic + Elemental Weakness + Enduring Cry
  • Boots: Blood Magic + Cyclone + Vaal Cyclone + Life Gain on Hit
  • Weapon (Brightbeak): Blood Magic + Leap Slam + Faster Attacks
  • Shield (Rise of the Phoenix): Cast When Damage Taken Level 1 + Ice Nova Level 8 + Enduring Cry Level 5
  • Redbeak 1 (Switch): Blood Magic + Animate Guardian + Purity of Elements
  • Redbeak 2 (Switch): Whatever you want to level!

Core Gear

  • Rise of the Phoenix – Mandatory. This is the only item that you must have to switch to Righteous Fire. Usually costs somewhere from 1.5 to 3.5 Exalts depending on the league.
  • Weapon Option 1 – Aurumvorax. This is the budget option, gives a lot of resists making other gear cheaper to obtain. use with Whirling Blades instead of leap slam.
  • Weapon Option 2 – Brightbeak. Still gives resists but also gives massive attack speed for Leap Slamming!
  • Chest Armor (Worn). Rare armor with highest life possible. Armor & Resists. AR or AR/EV types are best. If you have the cash a Kaom’s Heart is the end goal for it’s massive HP and fire damage!
  • Boots/Helm/Gloves. Life, Armor, Evasion & resists! Movement speed on boots isn’t mandatory due to leap slam.
  • Rings, Belt and Amulet. Get as high life as possible! Strength also gives life if you really want to min-max. Getting cold or lightning damage on one of these will allow you to proc Elemental Equilibrium with Cyclone and Leap Slam!

Snapshotting Gear

  • Redbeak x2. Use on your weapon swap with low life snapshotting.
  • Cheapo 5 link chest. Roll for highest life possible as Righteous Fire snapshots it’s damage from life as well.
  • Carcass Jack. Used for snapshotting. I recommend saving a ton of cash by dropping Item Rarity and only getting a 4 link. This chest is actually pretty wearable itself if you don’t want to snapshot.
  • Dying Breath & Leer Cast. Use with Animate Guardian for their damage buffs!


  • Seething Life Flask of Grounding – spam this when in danger.
  • Charge Recovery Ruby Flask of Warding (Curse Immunity) x2
  • Charge Recovery Ruby Flask of Staunching
  • Charge Recovery Granite Flask of Iron Skin
  • Charge Recovery Topaz Flask of Grounding – Switch this out with one of your warding rubies when doing maps with lightning bosses (like Atziri).

Leveling Guide

You have a few options for leveling if you have spare currency: Facebreakers, Ground Slam, Spectral Throw or Molten Strike. However, if you want the cheapest (but still super effective!) setup then I recommend the following:

Basically Ice Nova + Fire Trap into Fire Trap + Flame Blast into Flame Blast + Searing Bond. All using cheapo +1 to fire gem sceptres that you can craft at the vendor.

For more specific details on leveling this build you can follow the video below:

Final Stats

If you want to know what you can look forward to here are my stats at level 85. This is on a budget of less than 4 Exalts total in Ambush league.

RF Marauder Stats Sheet

DPS on Righteous Fire isn’t shown in game but can be worked out using a calculator like this. At 6,300 HP my outgoing DPS is 30,677. Against a boss like Piety with Elemental Weakness and Elemental Equilibrium up that’s 46,630 DPS. For this level of currency expenditure (less than 4Exa) this is absolutely insane to me. I’ve spent much more for less than 10k DPS in the past.

Mapping & Other Details

For my compiled data on the build and mapping you can check out the linked spreadsheet! (Click the tabs at the bottom to go between maps and general info).

If you have any questions about the build please feel free to leave them on my YouTube, here on Twitter or on Facebook! make sure to tune into my livestream to catch future 7 Day Projects and other Path of Exile gameplay!

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51 Responses to “The Righteous Fire Marauder Build – Level 1 to High Level Maps in Less than a Week”

  1. Gggeorg says:


    awesome guide, i just build myself up to lvl 65:)

    One fast question: on the snapshot chest which gems should i level? Does RF gem always stay level 1? tried to find more informations about gems but couldn´t find.

    thx again and pls let the videos come:)

    • ZIGGYD says:

      RF doesn’t have to stay at level 1 but leveling gives no benefit to the build. Everything else should level as much as possible! I purchased 18+ gems to make it more effective.

  2. Jason says:

    I love your guides mate and have been a subby for a while can you list what the gem set on items will look like if i wish to make this as a non snap shot RF build thanks ziggy

    • ZIGGYD says:

      Basically just wear carcass jack and roll it 6 socket with 4L / 2L and have Searing Bond + Blood Magic In there. Immortal Call doesn’t fit in so well :(

      • datrighteousness says:

        i noticed a “wild card” gem slot in the gloves this would be a perfect place for immo call no?

  3. Kalderr says:

    Could you add bandit rewards section and what flasks/rolls are you using?

  4. Sam says:

    First off, wonderful guide, with gorgeous detail!
    I was wondering if you’ve seen this recent post by GGG regarding near future changes to snapshotting. Could you give some input into how this would change this build for the worse or better? As far as I know, it just looks like the chest piece snapshotting would be removed, so there would be the need to buy a good 5L chest.

    Also, on another note, would it work for both Item Quantity and Item Rarity to be linked to Righteous Fire for the best farming potential?

    Last question, why do you have both Cyclone and Vaal Cyclone skills linked? Is there a time when you wouldn’t want the mob sucking effect?

    Thanks for taking the time to write out this guide and answering my questions! :)

    • ZIGGYD says:

      Yeah, the snapshotting nerf will affect Righteous Fire a bit but it’ll still be quite viable. Here’s what we might change:
      – simply wear carcass jack with a 4link setup).
      – use Doryani’s if you want more damage

      If you’re in the legacy leagues you can use both item quantity and item rarity, maybe just get a cheapo 6 link to snapshot for now.

      Cyclone and Vaal cyclone are used very differently. Cyclone is used almost all the time to path through mobs, heal and activate EE. Vaal Cyclone is used to clear large rooms of mobs that are spread out by drawing them too you.

  5. Jeff says:

    since new patch is going to fix snapshot, any news on buffing rf?

  6. Gggeorg says:


    just wondering:

    would irarity from wondertrap effect if i snapshot rf with it?

    thx for your awesome guide and keep the good work!!

  7. Levin says:

    Hey, how to get up to 90% max resist, 2 from the skill tree, 8 from the ROTP and what else?

  8. Cameron Fulbright says:

    Hey Ziggy,

    Two questions:

    1) My fire resist is at 89% instead of 90 like you have in your guide. Not sure where I missed something but I must have somewhere.

    2) My Life regen is at 325, which is making it hard to sustain RF. I think that I have acquired all of the life regen in the tree, so I’m not sure what to do about this.

    Here is the link to my tree:

    Thanks for the help!

  9. Narokz says:

    Hey Ziggy, just got all i need for the build and leveled to 67, but one thing is bugging me, my amulet has both fire and cold dmg, does that affect elemental equilibrium in a bad way?

  10. Patrick says:

    So when snapshotting is removed, what would you suggest doing for the sheer number of gems used? I see at least 6 mandatory gems used in snapshotted gear.
    Anyway, great guide, thanks for all your work!

  11. Akrobat says:

    Hey ZiggyD,

    at 1st very thanks for this amazing guide. Explaining everything perfect detailed.

    But I just wonder, why you use Enduring Cry – Gem on your RotF just on lvl 5. Is it important to stay at lvl 5 or is the GemLevel unimportant?

    Thanks for now and your done work. Keep goin! 😉

  12. Kent says:


    First off, great guide. I even tried emulating your build to the extend that I got all the items that you’re using and even to the staff that your animated guardian is using.

    However, when i activated the buff, I only Vitality, Grace, Purity of Fire and Dying Breath. I did not get the Damage Aura on the top left of the screen.

    Why is that? What item or gems that I missed that caused me not to have that Damage Aura as what you have in your “Path of Exile: How to Snapshot Righteous Fire (& What is Snapshotting?)” video.

    Do help me out. Thanks

  13. James D says:

    Ziggy, I thought I’d tell you that I link Culling Strike to my Vaal Cyclone and it really helped it take out mobs even faster … I’m using it with a Facebreakers build and when I get into a room with too many mobs and I’ve already attacked (with Melee Splash) a bunch of them, firing off Vaal Cyclone with Culling Strike linked just destroys most of them. Quality Culling Strike adds to the damage of Vaal Cyclone too. If you have the sockets, Conc effect adds a big dmg boost too.

  14. Omar says:

    Hey Ziggyd its a very nice build but im having problems , im currently lvl 68 and i have about 7.4k armor and full resists and 3.5k hp but im still dying very fast when i engage with mobs why is that? and for the flasks where do i get them from ? are they made from vendor recipies? or bought on trade ?

  15. David says:

    Hi , Strong build , i wanna know can Vaal rightous fire be used instead of the normal one ? i mean i can use the normal one to get souls and then use vaal RF , will that improve dmg ?

  16. Fryingpancreas says:

    Ziggy I just found a Mjolner with this build in a rare orchard map I found in the map before it. I Just wanted you to know I’m naming my first born child after you in celebration.

  17. Razzk says:

    I did the math and it is possible to switch to RF with 3% Purity and Saffel’s Frame.
    HP will be a bit lower, regen will be only slightly overcoming degen but its kinda useful in brand new leagues, where Pheonix is hard to get early.

    To get enough regen ofc all regen nodes are needed. Including 1% at very start of Duelist tree. (I went there by armor cluster, 2-handed dmg+str and hp nodes)

    Its something to start with, clearing carefully and upgrading over time 😉

  18. deathbob says:

    ziggy d i just want to thank you for posting this build this is the 1st build that has let me farm maps ez-mode. you rock and keep on keeping on my friend

  19. twiggz says:

    would you say bino’s is a good option for this build?

  20. Blazing Ember says:

    Hey I was wondering if you actually need to do the snapshot stuff? I could probly figure it out if I spend some time on doing so but I really just don’t feel like spending the time… so if I could set it up to not have to do the snapshots that would be amazing.

  21. newbie says:

    can you post what gems we take from each quest please ?

  22. abbone says:

    Hey ziggy, one question, during the level, how do you manage to keep up your mana? are you using blood magic gems with your flame blast and searing bond?

    Great guide btw!

  23. James says:

    Hey, Does Righteous fire also snapshot the 100% item rarity from Wondertrap slippers?

  24. Vascoe says:

    Hi, ty for all the work on the build. I was wondering if you had any thoughts about how this build would pan out in the new skill tree?

    Besides the optimized path, I notice elemental adaptation is no longer available, do you have any thoughts about how this will effect the viability of the build?

  25. Assassinqing says:

    Please update your talent tree :)

  26. Delasques says:

    When will we see the updated 1.2 version build with video??

  27. Matt says:

    Is there something wrong with the skill trees you posted above? They seem to broken.

  28. Vladimir_Putin says:

    The skill trees from lvl 40 and above are bugged 😡

  29. CHOJIN says:

    Does RF work with Fire Penetration?

    Haven’t tested it yet but regarding the description this should be a good way to reduce the monster’s fire resistance, increase the dmg respectively.

  30. Jeff says:

    Any update on this buld since new patch?

  31. lolotrgeek says:

    Hey Ziggy! I love this build! but it seems that the link to the endgame spec hasn’t been updated. :(

    • Amy says:

      I’ve updated the link and taken out the progression passive links as they aren’t done yet. Sorry it’s late! I think I must have dreamed updating it 😛

  32. Albinowolf says:

    Thanks for ruining my character ziggy! Respecced everything with the free respect, and it doesn’t work. Not enough regen.

    • Amy says:

      Hmm, maybe the amount of life on your gear was different to Ziggy’s? When I levelled this build up on patch 1.2 I couldn’t switch to RF until level 70 and even then it was very squishy as I’m still missing some %life and a regen node. Life based RF in 1.2 is weaker now but the tree works :)

  33. Joe says:

    Please update the passive tree Thx!

    • Amy says:

      The full passive tree has been updated. The build is weaker now so changing to RF happens around level 70. I’ve seen some low life ES RF builds running around so you may want to search for builds like that and see if they’re stronger.

  34. volish says:

    i had alot fun befor whit rf build bifor but now i cant say that is alot more dieing and is much harder to lev i was 93 lev 98 % befor patch now i am 93 lev 56 %
    naja is not realy more endgame build
    i am now srs build (whit hope no more nerf ) is fun again and in moment endgame posible whit roling hard maps

  35. Joe says:

    Hi Ziggyd i have question on what skill gems you put on your weapon and shield? you said you don’t use ice nova, enduring cry, cast on hit no more? what is the best way to link that gem for ATZIRI final boss?? By the way I watch your full run on ATZIRI it was awesome fight!!

  36. Reozul says:

    I had recently started this build to overcome my crippling fear of the Vaal Oversoul. That guy had utterly ruined my then first character (firestorm witch) at the beginning of open beta, to the etxent that I quit playing.
    Si I went into the fight (at lvl 28 on normal)expecting a hard but manageable fight … and it was boring. None of his attacks even made a dent in my hp (about 900 with 52 regen). I also didn’t have much in direct offensive power, so it became a waiting game of throwing fire traps.
    I utterly love this build. It is a bit easy at times (I just now fought piety in the crematorium and it was the same for her, only a faster win with searing bond), but the survivability is nuts. the only times when I actually had to pay attention so far was Cavern of anger (explody-spawn) and western forest (exlody-guys).

  37. east_dream says:


    Can U update build for 1.3?


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